Are You a Witch? Witchcraft and the 11 Signs

Witchcraft can be defined as the art of channeling the energy in nature. Despite being associated with Wicca, witchcraft is not a religion. Modern commentators argue that due to witches having married humans in the past, anyone may have some potential for witchcraft talent. So, let’s test yourself.

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Are you interested in witchcraft or occultism?

The first step in this regard is usually internet research. A movie you watched, a dream you saw or a person you know may have triggered this interest.

Online articles, documentaries, books… After a while, you may realize that your lifestyle has changed and you start to look at things from different angles.

Have you ever dealt with magic or talisman?

Even if you have never dealt with magic, if the articles, images, movies, materials about magic and talismans excite you, there may be a witch inside you waiting to be discovered.

Do you believe in the power of herbs and incense?

Plants are an integral part of our life. We’ve all drank chamomile tea for sleep or lemon balm tea to relax.

However, if you believe that plants have a supernatural side, you can start collecting potion bottles now.

Do you believe in the energy of stones and crystals?

Similar to the previous question, if you think that some stones and crystals can affect our lives positively or negatively, this may be a sign for you.

Is your intuition strong?

If you run into a friend after thinking about him or if you feel things beforehand, it can be said that your intuition is strong.

Have you ever seen the future in your dreams?

Actually, this is due to the strong intuition mentioned in the previous question.

Do you think there is a connection between you and nature?

Plants, forests, animals, stones, rivers… If you get excited even while reading, if you want to hug trees when you see them, there may be a special connection between you and nature.

Can you feel the energy of the people?

In order to feel it, you must first know that energy.

According to the art of witchcraft, you can feel the energy of people and objects if you have the talent. Since each person’s energy is different, over time, you may tend to stay away from tiring crowds.

Do the cycles of the moon and the seasons affect you?

The moon, the seasons, even the days and hours have different energies. Those who deal with the art of witchcraft feel this energy and plan their social lives accordingly.

Are you one of those who enjoy storm and rain?

If you take your coffee and run to the window during thunder, storm and heavy rain, you may be inwardly admiring the power of nature. According to witches, the basis of everything is nature.

Are witches evil people who practice black magic?

Only a non-witch could claim something like this.

According to witches, magic and talisman are the process of directing energy in nature. This energy can be positive or negative. However, many witches do not resort to black magic because of the threefold rule. Because most witches believe that the evil they do will come back to them threefold.