Shamanic Drums: Symbols and Meanings

The most important instrument used by shamans to go into trance and communicate with supernatural beings is the drum. Shamanic drums are usually made by stretching the skin of some animals such as goat, deer or cattle over a wooden frame. After the skin

Juniper in Mythology and Folk Beliefs

Juniper, a coniferous tree of the genus Juniperus, is a species that can adapt to many climates. Therefore, it is possible to find some practices, myths and folk beliefs about juniper in many societies. Physical Characteristics of Juniper Tree The juniper tree, which can

The Scariest Creatures in Anatolian Folklore

Mythological entities, which are a part of Anatolian folk culture, are indispensable elements of both fairy tales and folk literature. Anatolian folklore is very colorful as its roots go back to Old Turkish, Caucasian, Greek and Persian cultures. For this reason, there are many

11 Scariest Creatures in Turkic and Altaic Myths

Mythological entities and fairy tale characters are important in that they carry traces of the social subconscious of the culture they belong to. Societies living in similar sociocultural conditions often believed in similar scary entities. For this reason, similar entities have appeared in the