The Wolf in Turkic Mythology

The wolf, known as “börü” in Old Turkic, assumes a central and captivating role in Turkic mythology. Embedded deeply within the collective consciousness of the Turkic peoples, the wolf stands as an emblem of both fear and admiration, embodying a complex duality that intertwines

Turkic Pantheon (Gods in Turkic Mythology)

The word pantheon is used to refer to all the deities in a particular religion or mythology. Therefore, the Turkic pantheon means all the deities in Turkic mythology. Since Turkic mythology, which developed in the Eurasian steppes, is based on animism and nature worship,

11 Scariest Creatures in Turkic and Altaic Myths

Mythological entities and fairy tale characters are important in that they carry traces of the social subconscious of the culture they belong to. Societies living in similar sociocultural conditions often believed in similar scary entities. For this reason, similar entities have appeared in the

The Tree Of Life In Turkic Mythology

There are many mythological trees that connect the sky and the earth. These trees, also called the tree of life, the world tree or the cosmic tree, often have similar meanings. The Romanian historian of religion Mircea Eliade argued that all the symbols that