About Us

ULUKAYIN English is the English section of the ULUKAYIN Project, a global-based digital platform established on September 27, 2021.


The aim of the ULUKAYIN Project is to meet people’s need for information by publishing simple and original articles, objective analyzes, research papers, lists and interviews in categories such as archeology, history, mythology, culture and art. Based on this, the ULUKAYIN Project has been briefly defined as Cultural Anthology. As of October 1, 2021, the ULUKAYIN Project has been launched in 12 languages with the domain name www.ulukayin.org:

  • ULUKAYIN Dansk
  • ULUKAYIN Deutsch
  • ULUKAYIN English
  • ULUKAYIN Español
  • ULUKAYIN Français
  • ULUKAYIN Italiano
  • ULUKAYIN Nederlands
  • ULUKAYIN Norsk
  • ULUKAYIN Polski
  • ULUKAYIN Português
  • ULUKAYIN Svenska
  • ULUKAYIN Türkçe

Ulukayın is the name of the tree of life in Turkic mythology. The ULUKAYIN Project, which acts as an intermediary between scientific knowledge and people, has been compared to a tree of life that connects the earth and the sky. In this metaphor, the earth symbolizes people and the sky symbolizes scientific knowledge.

Objectivity, originality and honesty are essential in all articles published within the scope of the ULUKAYIN Project. Before any article is published, it is checked by the controllers and editors in terms of both content and form.

Collaboration and Cooperation

The ULUKAYIN Project supports all non-profit scientific, cultural and artistic organizations as much as possible. For offers, please use the Contact page.