History of Witchcraft in Europe

The history of witchcraft is an interdisciplinary field that encompasses a range of anthropology, history, theology, and folklore. Its aim is to comprehend the beliefs, practices, and cultural contexts associated with witchcraft. Over the course of history, witchcraft has held a prominent presence in

Are You a Witch? Witchcraft and the 11 Signs

Witchcraft can be defined as the art of channeling the energy in nature. Despite being associated with Wicca, witchcraft is not a religion. Modern commentators argue that due to witches having married humans in the past, anyone may have some potential for witchcraft talent.

Deer Totem and Spirit Animal in Shamanism

The deer totem can be defined as a symbolic representation of the deer species in various cultures and spiritual traditions. Totem animals are usually adopted by a particular group or community. The symbolic meanings of these animals can vary both according to the beliefs,

Victims of the Witch Hunts in the 21st Century

The investigation, interrogation and punishment of people suspected of being witches is defined as witch hunts. According to estimates, between 40,000 and 60,000 people across Europe were killed on witchcraft charges.1 The witch hunts, which spread all over the world like an epidemic in

4th World Nomad Games Started in Turkey

The World Nomad Games, organized for the fourth time, started in İznik, Turkey. Many athletes from 102 countries, especially in Asia and Europe, will participate in the games. The 4th World Nomad Games, planned to be held in 2020, were postponed to this year

The Breathtaking Highlands of İkizdere

İkizdere is the largest and southernmost district of Rize Province in Turkey. Thanks to its steep slopes, glacial lakes, lush highlands and endemic plant species, İkizdere is one of the top areas with tourism potential in the Eastern Black Sea Region. Highlands of Çağrankaya