Life Above the Clouds: Haçivanak, Trovit and Karmik

Life Above the Clouds: Haçivanak, Trovit and Karmik

Haçivanak, Trovit and Karmik, the unknown highlands of the Eastern Black Sea Region… They fascinate both day-trippers and campers with their untouched beauty. Moreover, it is budget friendly.


Haçivanak is 42 km from the district center of Çamlıhemşin and 102 km from the city center of Rize. It is a yayla* located on a slope at the foot of the Kaçkar Mountains. Its former name is Xaçevank.1

Yayla: The name given to summer highland settlements in Turkey.

The word “Vank” means monastery in Armenian. Therefore, it is thought that there was an Armenian Monastery around Haçivanak. But today, no such remains have been found.

Historical documents prove that the area around Haçivanak has been used as a settlement since at least the 17th century. The yayla, where very harsh climatic conditions prevail, is closed to transportation during the winter months.

Haçivanak, 2600 meters high, is one of the most untouched summer settlements in the region. There are no hotels or modern architectural structures in the settlement, only sloppy structures built with stone materials. Some of these structures were destroyed by avalanche disasters.

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There are many glacial lakes near Haçivanak.
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The glacial lakes Micavit and Kardavit are approximately 1700 meters away from the settlement. You can reach Çoruh River by following Sırakonaklar Stream over Hodeçur Pass in the southeast direction.

Those who want to go to Haçivanak should use the right side of the road that splits into two after Elevit. This road leads directly to Haçivanak. Between Elevit and Haçivanak, it takes 30-40 minutes by car and 120-160 minutes on foot.


It is 39 km from the district center of Çamlıhemşin and 107 km from the city center of Rize. There are about 100 structures on the yayla, which is located next to the Karmik Stream. Although most of the houses were built with stone materials, wooden materials were also used in some of them.

The height of the yayla from the sea surface is about 2450 meters. The vegetation consists of short grasses and mountain flowers.

Those who want to go to Trovit should use the left side of the road that splits into two after Elevit. If you follow the Karmik Stream, you will reach Trovit in 25-30 minutes by car. In order not to be confused, it should be noted that before Trovit, you will pass by the settlements called Nafkar and Karunç, which consisted of a few houses. After these two settlements, you will reach the forest upper limit.

After arriving in Trovit, you can drive to Palovit via the Horon Pass. When you look back from the Horon Pass, you will see a scene reminiscent of the pages of a fairy tale book.


The settlement, at an altitude of approximately 2670 meters, is 3 km away from Trovit. There is no vehicle road to the y where there are only a few houses.

Those who want to see Karmik have to drive up to Trovit and go up an 80-120 minute hike from there. It can be said that it will be a fairy tale experience for those who love hiking and trekking. If you have enough energy, you should also see the glacial lakes 1-2 km away from the yayla.


Those who want to visit Haçivanak, Trovit and Karmik should first go to Elevit via Çamlıhemşin.

After Elevit, the road that splits into two leads to Haçivanak on the right and Trovit and Karmik on the left. You should take into account that after Elevit, the road deteriorates.

Since Haçivanak, Trovit and Karmik settlements are high, the summer season starts later and ends earlier than other summer settlements. Therefore, the ideal visit range is between the beginning of June and the end of September.

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