4th World Nomad Games Started in Turkey

4th World Nomad Games Started in Turkey

The World Nomad Games, organized for the fourth time, started in İznik, Turkey. Many athletes from 102 countries, especially in Asia and Europe, will participate in the games.

The 4th World Nomad Games, planned to be held in 2020, were postponed to this year due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. With the completion of the necessary preparations on the shore of Lake İznik, the 4th World Nomad Games officially started on September 29, as planned. The events, in which more than 3000 athletes will compete, will continue until October 2.

The World Nomad Games is an organization that stands out with concerts, gastronomic delicacies, cultural and artistic events as well as sports events. In this context, local promotional tents, handicraft workshops, peasant market and food courts were set up in the festival area. Visitors who come to watch the games will be able to participate in activities such as horse riding, archery, camping and scouting.

The festival will continue with the concerts of Rafadan Tayfa, Zara, Arslanbek Sultanbekov, Kıraç, Trio Mandilli, Mustafa Ceceli, Zeynep Betül Akyıldız and Koliva in the coming days. In addition, folk dances will be staged every day.

On the first day of the games, Turkish Stars accompanied the shows and put on a breathtaking show.

“We welcome everyone to İznik.”

Mayor of İznik, Kağan Mehmet Usta, said in a statement on the internet that he invites everyone to İznik. It was announced that Bursa Metropolitan Municipality will organize free shuttles to the festival area from certain points in the city center.

President of Kyrgyzstan Sadir Nurgocojevic Caparov and Speaker of the Kazakhstan Parliament Yerlan Kosanov are among those who came to Bursa to watch the games.

What is the World Nomad Games?

The World Nomad Games is an international organization dedicated to ethnic sports and ethnocultural activities, held every two years. Events previously held in Kyrgyzstan are being held for the first time this year in another country, Turkey. The World Nomad Games in 2024 are planned to be held in Azerbaijan.

The countries that won the most gold medals in the previous games are Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Azerbaijan, Hungary, Ukraine, Mongolia and Turkey, respectively. Apart from these, Georgia, Serbia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Bulgaria and Germany are also among the gold medal winners.