Shamanic Drums: Symbols and Meanings

The most important instrument used by shamans to go into trance and communicate with supernatural beings is the drum. Shamanic drums are usually made by stretching the skin of some animals such as goat, deer or cattle over a wooden frame. After the skin

Sumerian Architecture: Houses, Walls, Temples and Palaces

“History begins at Sumer.” said Samuel Noah Kramer, an assyriologist who specializes in Sumerian history. The Sumerians, who emerged on the historical stage in the Late Chalcolithic period, are also known as the civilization that developed cuneiform writing. Therefore, the beginning of historical ages

How to Take Great Photos in the Rain?

Taking photos in the rain is both enjoyable and a creative process for photographers. Raindrops, light reflections, and wet colors often add a completely different meaning to photos. However, to capture stunning photographs and achieve impressive shots in rainy weather, you need to face

Pluviophilia: The Love of Rain

Pluviophilia can be briefly described as the state of deriving pleasure and enjoyment from the presence of rain or events associated with rain. So, how do the effects of rain shape human psychology on emotional and mental levels? How does the love of rain

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