2700-Year-Old Necropolis Discovered in Italy

It was announced that a necropolis dating back to the Iron Age was discovered in Italy. Italian archaeologists announced the discovery of a quite extensive necropolis in the commune of Amorosi in the province of Benevento, Italy. Located very close to the Volturno River,

Bronze Age “Zombie Grave” Uncovered in Germany

A “zombie grave” dating from the Bronze Age was discovered during the ongoing construction of an underground power line in Germany. The strange grave recently found near the village of Oppin in the Saxony-Anhalt region of East Germany caused great excitement among archaeologists and

1900-Year-Old Runic Inscription Found on Danish Knife

In excavations carried out on the island of Funen in Denmark, archaeologists discovered a knife dating back approximately 1900 years. The runic letters found on the knife sparked great interest among researchers.1 The discovery was made by Jakob Bonde, a prehistoric archaeology expert working