Musicals Inspired by Greek Mythology

Among the most intriguing genres that have been popular in recent times are Greek mythology musicals, drawing on the rich myths of ancient Greece. These captivating tales offer a thrilling and immersive experience, taking audiences on a journey through the epic stories of gods

7 Best Horror Movies About Witches and Witchcraft

The horror movies about witches have been captivating audiences since the early days of cinema. These movies demonstrate the deep-seated cultural fascination with witches and their mysterious powers. The following selection of must-see horror movies about witches showcases the evolution of the genre over

Eight Mythological Creatures of Spring

Spring is associated with fertility and abundance in many communities and is symbolized by the color green or turquoise. Therefore, the first myhological creatures that come to mind when spring is mentioned are mostly fertility gods or goddesses. So, here are eight mythological creatures

Victims of the Witch Hunts in the 21st Century

The investigation, interrogation and punishment of people suspected of being witches is defined as witch hunts. According to estimates, between 40,000 and 60,000 people across Europe were killed on witchcraft charges.1 The witch hunts, which spread all over the world like an epidemic in

The Scariest Creatures in Anatolian Folklore

Mythological entities, which are a part of Anatolian folk culture, are indispensable elements of both fairy tales and folk literature. Anatolian folklore is very colorful as its roots go back to Old Turkish, Caucasian, Greek and Persian cultures. For this reason, there are many