Okunev Petroglyphs and Eurasian Solar Deities

The Okunev people have been the subject of many studies, both with their origins and the interesting abstract drawings they left behind. In the geography they spread, the solar-headed petroglyphs carved on steles and rocks are one of the oldest mythological archetypes related to

Petróglifos Okunev e divindades solares da Eurásia

O povo Okunev tem sido objeto de muitos estudos, tanto com suas origens quanto com os interessantes desenhos abstratos que deixaram. Na geografia que se espalharam, os petróglifos com cabeças solares esculpidos em estelas e rochas são um dos mais antigos arquétipos mitológicos relacionados

Artifacts and Museums in Ukraine in Danger due to War

Cultural heritage assets, historical sites, museums, monuments and artifacts are at risk of damage and theft in Russia-occupied Ukraine. The Russian occupation, which started on February 24, 2022 and is still continuing, also damages the art and cultural heritage in Ukraine. The recent evaluation