Norse Mythology Quiz: Unleash Your Inner Viking!

The tales of Norse mythology have been an inspiration to countless writers, artists, and filmmakers. From the gods’ struggle for power to the battles between mortals and monsters, Norse mythology is a complex and multifaceted subject that offers endless avenues for exploration. By taking

Juniper in Mythology and Folk Beliefs

Juniper, a coniferous tree of the genus Juniperus, is a species that can adapt to many climates. Therefore, it is possible to find some practices, myths and folk beliefs about juniper in many societies. Physical Characteristics of Juniper Tree The juniper tree, which can

Turkic Pantheon (Gods in Turkic Mythology)

The word pantheon is used to refer to all the deities in a particular religion or mythology. Therefore, the Turkic pantheon means all the deities in Turkic mythology. Since Turkic mythology, which developed in the Eurasian steppes, is based on animism and nature worship,

Okunev Petroglyphs and Eurasian Solar Deities

The Okunev people have been the subject of many studies, both with their origins and the interesting abstract drawings they left behind. In the geography they spread, the solar-headed petroglyphs carved on steles and rocks are one of the oldest mythological archetypes related to